Southern Grace Farms

8th generation farmers in Berrien County passionate about their family, community and educating the general public about agriculture.

What motivates your company?

Coming from a long heritage of farming, we are passionate about educating the general public and future generations about agriculture. We love to answer questions about our farm and farming in general in person and online. With generations becoming farther removed from agricuture, we think it’s important for people to know where their food comes from, from the basics: a tree, a plant, a vine, etc to actually picking their own and having the comfort of knowing the farmer who grew it.

Tell us about your location

We are located in the northwest portion of Berrien County, out on part of our farm about 4 miles south of Enigma. We are 12 miles from Exit 62 on I-75 and 4 miles from Hwy 82 in Enigma.

Tell us a bit about your customers

We welcome visitors of all ages, both locals and tourists. Our U-Pick farm, country store, and playground are a big hit with everyone!

Share the history of your company

We are 8th generation farmers in Berrien County but trace our farming heritage back to our Scottish ancestors. We have grown and still grow traditional row crops such as peanuts, cotton, and corn. We also grew tobacco until we started growing blackberries in 1999. We were the first commercial blackberry growers in Georgia

How are you involved with your customers and community?

We have personal relationships with many of our local customers and even some that have to travel distances to see us! We try to stay active on social media, letting people know what’s going on and welcoming them out to visit and experience the farm. We support our local 4H & FFA, Young Farmers, and sponsor our local booster club, high school and rec department teams.

Tell us about your employees

Our employees are our family, both literally and figuratively. Every person on our farm plays an important role in how we function as a company and we appreciate everything they do to help us make Southern Grace a success.

What makes you excited to work here?

I love the customers and I love educating people about agriculture.

What do you like about your community and location?

We love our close knit community. People are always helping each other and very friendly. We are located in “the middle of nowhere” b/c that’s where our farm is located but it brings people together out here that might not normally be together and we love that. We can all learn from each other.

How do you embody Authentic Georgia?

We are as authentic as they come. With generations of our family in the farming industry before us in Georgia and pride in our Georgia Heritage our family, farm, and business embody true Southern Georgia authenticity.

What makes Georgia so special and unique?

The people. Even big towns feel like small towns because the people are so friendly and welcoming. True Southern Hospitality can be felt throughout the state.

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