Profile by Sanford

Profile by Sanford is dedicated to helping you achieve the best you that you can be. They are motivated through people, passion and lifestyle to improve themselves and everyone around them.

What motivates your company?

People– We value our Profile team, our members, and the authentic relationships we develop.
Passion– Our passion drives us. We live for optimism, enthusiasm, and a desire to continually improve ourselves and empower those around us.
Lifestyle– We strive for wellness and embrace those who are pursuing, attaining and sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

Tell us about your location

We are in the Windward Plaza Shopping center, right off of Exit 11 on 400.

Tell us a bit about your customers

Our members come from a variety of backgrounds, as we have a multitude of different protocols to accommodate their needs. With that being said, all of our members have one thing in common: a drive for self-improvement. Whether they are a new mother looking to safely lose their baby weight, or an athlete looking to drop a few pounds as they are gearing up for their next competition, we are there for them on their path towards a healthier lifestyle. Our coaches work with our members to find what is best for them and keep their Physicians informed along the way. Profile is a relationship driven company, so the members are always the focus. A great example of this can be found at this link below.

Share the history of your company

Profile began in 2011 when Sanford Health CEO Kelby Krabbenhoft challenged the organization to create a weight loss program rooted in science and research. Profile’s first Clinic and Scientific Advisory Board came together to assemble all the pieces of a comprehensive program designed to set in the industry standard for how nutrition, activity and lifestyle coaching is delivered. Less than a year later, Profile opened its first retail location. Today, our results-oriented approach continues to fuel our growth.

How are you involved with your customers and community?

Our focus at Profile is to truly create a healthier Alpharetta, one relationship at a time. We work with our members on a daily basis to help guide them along their journey towards a healthy lifestyle change. Our one-on-one lifestyle coaches allows us to further connect with our members in every aspect of their lives.

Additionally, we routinely host member and non-members events and Discovery session to help promote a healthy lifestyle within the community. We are constantly looking to form relationships with like-minded businesses to continue to grow and have a positive effect on the local community. In addition to serving our members, we also strive to form Employer Partnerships to work towards supplementing their health and wellness benefits to create a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce.

Tell us about your employees


Tyler Bernet, Store Operations Manager. Tyler grew up in Buffalo, New York and moved to Atlanta five years ago to pursue his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. After practicing for one year, Profile offered an opportunity to continue to help others while also providing an outlet for his business aspirations. In his spare time he enjoys the outdoors, his dogs, and sports.

Dayna Gilligan, Certified Coach. Dayna has a Bachelors in Psychology with a cognate in Developmental Psychology from Liberty University, and she is currently pursuing a Masters in Education. She has a strong drive and desire to help people and empower them to make positive lifestyle changes. Her own passions include costume and prop design, as well as cooking and baking, to which she studied at Le Cordon Bleu and received her Pâtisserie and Baking Certificate.

Sandra Seiferth, Certified Coach. Sandy is our newest member to the Profile team. She has had extensive experience in the Health and Wellness field and recently earned her certification as a Master Health Coach. Sandy has a passion for helping people make lifestyle changes and encouraging them through the weight management process. Her own passions include travel, tennis, reading and spending time with her family. Sandy has a Bachelors in Community Health and Masters in Business from Mercer University.

Paula Patton, Owner and Coach. Paula is a wife and mother of three boys and a former Preschool Director. She has worked in Local Atlanta Preschools as a Specialized Sports trainer for 5+ years. Paula has also been a personal mentor for 25+ years. She truly excels in the 1-on-1 coaching we offer our members. Paula is a great team member and a valued asset to Profile.

Tony Patton, Owner and Coach. Tony is a Husband, Father of three men and recent Grandfather of one little boy. Family is his first passion! Tony retired from his position as a Senior Manager at Verizon after 31 years. He found Profile to be right business to help people get healthier and to feel great about themselves! He’s lost 55 pounds as one of the first customers of our store.

What makes you excited to work here?

It is easy to work for a company that has strong values and a solid moral foundation. Aside from that, it is our members that truly make it a joy to come to work every day. Being able to positively affect someone else’s life and be there for them on their unique journey of self-improvement is an incredible experience. In addition, I look forward to watching our team grow and become successful within themselves.

What do you like about your community and location?

We enjoy the beautiful scenery, great places to work, shop and eat in the area! There is always something happening any given day. Our local community has been extremely receptive since our inception in early October of ‘18, and we are excited to continue to work with them to help expand the Profile brand.

How do you embody Authentic Georgia?

We are looking to uphold the strong values and tradition that make Georgia great. We aspire to create a healthier Alpharetta and promote a sense of overall well-being as we continue to network with like-minded businesses. We are proud to be the first Profile in the state of Georgia, and excited to leave our footprint on the community.

What makes Georgia so special and unique?

GROWTH! Our city and surrounding areas have developed immensely. We are proud to be Peaches and speak proudly of our state!

5530 Windward Pkwy Building G suite 1060
Alpharetta, GA 30004

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