A Better for You Option

What motivates your company?

Being able to supply products that are “better-for-you options” that are also nutritious, convenient, and great tasting.

Tell us about your location.

Located in the heart of peanut country, Tifton, GA.

Tell us a bit about your customers.

When PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter was first founded our products were solely sold online. As the demand for powdered peanut butter grew, we began expanding into brick and mortar stores across the country. Now, PB2 is sold in more than 75% of grocery stores around the country and we have an international presence as well.

Share the history of your company.

In 2007, PB2 Foods was founded as an agricultural research company that was challenged to find new uses for over a billion pounds of surplus peanuts owned by the USDA. The result, The Original PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter.

How are you involved with your customers and community?

We provide consumers with natural, high quality products that have incredible features and benefits.

PB2 Foods provides residents with a safe environment to work with. They become part of the PB2 family and have the opportunity to grow and expand as the company does.

Tell us about your employees.

Most of our employees are residents of Tifton, Georgia, but we also have a leadership team that commutes from Saint Simons Island and Macon.

What makes you excited to work here?

I love working for a company whose products make people feel good. Our products are so versatile, there is a product for everyone. When we hear people talking about how much they love PB2, it gets us excited for what’s to come!

What do you like about your community and location?

Our location is great! We are in the heart of peanut country, which allows us to share our authenticity story. Also, logistically speaking our location is very convenient.

How do you embody Authentic Georgia?

PB2 Foods is a Georgia based company that’s products are sold all over the country and world. Our location gives us the unique opportunity to use ingredients that come from our friends and neighbors in the heart of our farmlands. We hope that when people use our products, they get a little taste of Georgia too.

What makes Georgia so special and unique?

There are many things that make Georgia special and unique, one would be the geography, another would be the people and culture. From the beaches of Coastal Georgia, to the farmlands of South, Central, and Middle Georgia, to the mountains of North Georgia, there is a place for everyone to enjoy. The culture in Georgia is diverse which is great because it opens opportunities for new and different types of businesses, food, music, and ways of life.

7902 Magnolia Industrial Blvd.
Tifton, GA 31794

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