Mossy Creek Natural

Good clean business...

What motivates your company?

Some people work for love; others work for personal fulfillment. Others like to accomplish goals and feel as if they are contributing to something larger than themselves, something important.  Ours is creating something special that you can take with you. Either through a meaningful scented soap or the feel that comes from using it.

Tell us about your location.

We are located in beautiful downtown Perry, Georgia. An upbeat historic shopping district with restaurants and boutique shopping. Perry, Georgia has become the leader in family activities in Houston County with their monthly Food Truck Fridays and Special Events within an outdoor park-like setting.

Tell us a bit about your customers.

Our customers are from all over the country, they find us online as a soap making school to help propel their NEW business or as a local natural product maker. Since we are located about 1 mile off Interstate I 75, we also welcome a lot of visitors traveling through Georgia.

Share the history of your company.

Our company was established in 2009 as Mossy Creek Soap. In 2015, we opened our retail gift store called Mossy Creek Natural and 2018 we merged the two businesses into one location downtown Perry Georgia.

How are you involved with your customers and community?

As a local small business, we support our local community through classes and demonstrations. Sharing our love for handmade products brings us great joy.

Tell us about your employees.

We hold our standard as makers high by employing talented folks who not only truly love what they do but enjoy the camaraderie and interaction with each other.

Whatever your personal reasons for choosing us, the bottom line, however, is that everyone that works for us also works for you.

What makes you excited to work here?

We believe in creating a product that is not only good for you but also makes you feel good.

You can feel it as you drop in our store at Mossy Creek Natural or when you take a class in our studio.

We believe that the positive vibes that embody us as we create our products are passed on.

What do you like about your community and location?

Our local community has supported our business for 10 years now we are thrilled to continue offering handmade products that our local folks enjoy.

How do you embody Authentic Georgia?

I believe Warren Bennis said it best.

“Too many companies believe people are interchangeable. Truly gifted people never are. They have unique talents. Such people cannot be forced into roles they are not suited for, nor should they be.” ~ Warren Bennis

What makes Georgia so special and unique?

We are who we are because of the people who share in our success. Whether is it through our customers who enjoy our product or the folks we call employees that make it happen, we strive to embody Georgia with a product inspired, developed and cultivated in Georgia.

915 Carroll Street
Perry, GA 31069

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