Montane Sparkling Spring Water

Benefiting both people and the planet.

What motivates your company?

We love making healthy, refreshing beverages that align with our values of benefiting both people and the planet.

Tell us about your location.

Montane is sourced from Blue Springs in Pine Mountain Georgia. Blue Springs is an exceptionally pure source due to its quartzite bedrock. The surrounding 1,000 acres are held in a conservation easement by the Georgia Forestry Commission, ensuring it will be protected in perpetuity. Our Atlanta business office is located next to historic Oakland Cemetery in Grant Park.

Tell us a bit about your customers.

Montane is available in over 500 retailers throughout the East Coast. We are humbled by the support of the business community and individuals who appreciate great sparkling water.

Share the history of your company.

Blue Springs has been in the Callaway Family for four generations. We began bottling Callaway Blue in 2002. Montane Sparkling Spring Water launched in 2017.

How are you involved with your customers and community?

Montane loves supporting the organizations that make our community great. We’ve donated water to over 30 non-profits this year to support events and fundraisers. Additionally, we donate bottled water for disasters like Hurricane Michael flooding in Albany.

Tell us about your employees.

Montane has six great employees based throughout Georgia.

What makes you excited to work here?

Montane is our way of aligning values and business. Combining environmental stewardship with entrepreneurship makes it easy to be passionate about work.

What do you like about your community and location?

We love the natural beauty surrounding Blue Springs. The spring watershed contains a mosaic of ecosystems rich in biodiversity including three high priority habitats as designated by the State’s Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP). Habitats include: Montane Longleaf Pine Forests, Piedmont Bay Swamp, and Plumleaf Azalea Ravine.

How do you embody Authentic Georgia?

Montane’s flavors are inspired by the tastes of the South: Grapefruit Peach, Lemon Honeysuckle, and Cucumber Lime.

What makes Georgia so special and unique?

Georgia’s amazing communities, culinary tradition, and natural environments make it truly unique. Whether is a neighborhood festival in Inman Park or a sunset on Cumberland Island, Georgia has so much to offer.

239 Grant St. SE, Suite 104
Atlanta, GA 30312

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