Southern sweetness delights the world

A humble family business started in Savannah in 1924, Byrd’s Famous Cookies prides itself with sending sweet tastes of the south to across the world.

What motivates your company?

Byrd Cookie Company is dedicated to continuing our 93+ year heritage of baking terrific, tiny crispy cookies in beautiful Savannah, Georgia, that we ship all over the world. We also care deeply about creating opportunities for others by creating good full-time jobs with benefits that help people provide for their families. We are currently in our 4th and 5th generation of family owners. We believe Byrd’s founders would be very proud of what we’ve accomplished and how large we’ve grown.

Tell us about your location

Byrd Cookie Company was founded in Savannah, GA in 1924 – we’ve been at our current location since 1995.

Tell us a bit about your customers

We consider anyone with a mouth our customer! One of our favorite mottos is: More Cookies in More Mouths.

But, more specifically we have a long history of catering to the gourmet and specialty foods industry, including Neiman Marcus, Williams Sonoma, Macy’s Cellar, etc. In the last few years, we’ve spent a great deal of time and effort repositioning our company to take advantage of the expanding upscale grocery industry, club stores, and the airline industry. Leveraging our gourmet reputation in the mass market has contributed to a huge revenue surge and to strategic plans for future growth.

Share the history of your company

1924 – Byrd Cookie Company was founded by Benjamin Tillman Byrd Sr. in Savannah, GA. He began baking our original Scotch Oatmeal cookie, which we still bake today.

1949 – BT Byrd Jr. took the reins and began packing our tiny cookies in metal tin boxes and shipping them across the country to tourists who had visited Savannah and enjoyed them during their visit.

1988 – Kay Byrd Curl and her husband, Benny Curl, purchased the company, taking Byrd’s specialty cookies and unique flavors to the gift industry.

2011 – Stephanie Curl Lindley stepped in as the 4th generation owner and took the cookie company to a new level of revenue growth, investing millions to upgrade and replace aging production equipment. Jamie Lindley is currently running Operations at the bakery and is the proud 5th generation family owner.

2017 – Byrd announces a $4 million expansion in Savannah, adding 10,000 square feet of space, significantly increasing production capacity and creating more than 50 new jobs.

How are you involved with your customers and community?

  • Creating jobs & opportunity
  • Representing Savannah and Georgia to the rest of the country and to the world
  • Continuing the tradition of baking the best cookie possible with the highest quality ingredients and offering our cookies at a fair price

Tell us about your employees

Our employees are kind, smart, hardworking, invested in our success, loyal, and diverse! The energy and excitement we all feel pushing toward our common goal – the camaraderie and the spirit of family is palpable at Byrd.

What makes you excited to work here?

Byrd Cookie Company is an ambitious, positive and grateful company. Growing a successful family-owned company with strong ties to the Savannah community and nearly a century of history, creating and selling COOKIES, for goodness sake – that makes people happy! When I drive in to work every morning, I get excited as I get closer to our plant – I can typically smell which cookie flavor we’re baking almost a mile away! When I arrive early in the morning, it’s quiet and serene – that first hour can be so productive!

What do you like about your community and location?

We purchased and renovated an abandoned Lowe’s building on Waters Avenue in Savannah, Georgia. We currently own over 8 acres inside the city limits of Savannah, which is quite unique in manufacturing – plus we feel good about giving new life to an old building that sat empty for years.

Recycling an abandoned building – and being in the heart of our community — allows tourists and locals to drop in and purchase hot cookies! Plus, we have a strong commitment to the Savannah community. It’s important to us to be headquartered in Savannah, which is the city where Byrd Cookie Company was originally founded.

Our community is historic, beautiful and classic. Savannah is an incredibly beautiful city – its rich history and friendly atmosphere make it even more appealing. The people in Savannah are amazingly talented, hard-working and charming. Savannah is a remarkably diverse city in many ways, which contributes to its overall appeal.

How do you embody Authentic Georgia?

Byrd Cookie Company is “Authentic Georgia” because we were founded in Savannah, Georgia in 1924 and retain strong ties to the Savannah community and to the Peach State as a whole. We’re proud to be one of the largest and fastest-growing independent cookie, snack and gift companies in the United States. We respect tradition while encouraging innovation and are united by a shared commitment to quality in everything we do.

What makes Georgia so special and unique?

I’m proud of Georgia’s values, our shared commitment to heritage and history, and the fact that we are an open, progressive state – I think the balance between tradition and innovation in Georgia is pure Southern magic.

Byrd Cookie Company

6700 Waters Avenue
Savannah, GA 31406

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