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Baking mixes that motivate healthy living.

What motivates your company?

Spreading the message of health and wellness as well as seeing and hearing the results that come from healthy living.

We Tell us about your location

We are nestled beside a wheat field (at least most years), in Middle Georgia on two hundred fifty acres of family land. My husband’s family has been farming this land for over one hundred years. We put up a retail and manufacturing facility in May of 2018.

Tell us a bit about your customers

Our customers are one of two kinds. Either whose who know the value of “real” food and are glad they no longer have to go out of town to various stores to get all that is under one roof at our place. The other customers are those who don’t adhere to a healthy lifestyle and because of health challenges, come to our place to buy “healing” foods to help them navigate through their health challenges.

Share the history of your company

I started milling the wheat into flour for school systems in 2012. Then, I added more value to fresh milled flour and created a line of homemade baking mixes such as, banana bread, sausage cheese balls, brownies, etc. In 2014, when I experienced a health crisis, I treated myself nutritionally and went raw vegan. This is when I created my second line, which is “clean” plant protein called Nourished 5. In 2016, I created the third product line of Elderberries & More syrup mix to help others stay healthy during winter and beyond.

My goal was to always have a “watering hole” for our community where others can get a nourished body, mind, soul, and spirit. So, in May of 2018, we opened a retail store that carries a complete line of real foods that give the consumer nutrition straight from the source.


How are you involved with your customers and community?

Since I have experienced the power of healing through nutrition personally and with my children when they were younger, I truly believe that God has our health and healing in His Creation. I’m involved with everyone that walks in my door because I desire for all people to experience an abundant healthy life and I believe the products we offer can help them. We hope to have events at our place to bring the community together through various activities. I go into our schools and talk to students or parents about healthy living every opportunity I get! Different community groups come out to our place to learn more about what we do and why.

Tell us about your employees

I started off with a friend doing the production of my Homemade Baking Mixes. When my Banana Bread Homemade Baking Mix was a finalist in the Flavor of Georgia contest, it increased sales to the point of hiring another employee. This new employee took over production and my friend became my administrative assistant. When I opened the retail store, I hired my first full time employee. He oversees the various operations. In addition to him, I have 5 other part-time employees: one who is over production; another who is marketing/admin assistant; a baker in the kitchen; two front line employees that help with retail, kitchen, or production.

What makes you excited to work here?

It’s been a dream of mine for over ten years. When I actually slow down long enough and realize my dream is unfolding everyday, it’s humbling. When others tell others, or me, how healthy living has changed their lives, it’s humbling. When I look around at the new facility and realize it is so much bigger than anything I could’ve ever made happen, it’s humbling. I look forward everyday to sharing my passion of abundant life in health through the products we create, baking/cooking, classes and one-on-one visits.

What do you like about your community and location?

I am grateful how my community has supported my dream. We are located outside of town on two hundred fifty acres. Every time someone walks into our store, I am thankful they are there to support us!

How do you embody Authentic Georgia?

Because we grow our wheat and mill and package them into mixes, our Homemade Baking Mixes are about as homegrown you can get! Our other product lines and services are all about investing in our local community to make life better for our fellowman.

What makes Georgia so special and unique?

I love the the topography of Georgia. Although, I love the two-lane highways and various farming fields where I live, being located in the middle of Georgia, I have the beach three hours in one one direction and the mountains are three house in the other direction, so I basically have everything I could want at my fingertips. Also, growing up in an Air Force family, I appreciate the unique melting pot of cultures and nationalities in our state.

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149 Butts Road
Cochran, GA 31014

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