Advanced Wildlife Solutions

Minerals for wildlife.

What motivates your company?
The need for higher quality deer nutrition products

Tell us about your location
Our warehouse is where we do most of shipping from but it also serves as a retail location

Tell us a bit about your customers
We started out supplying high quality nutrition products to big plantations and deer farms. That model was such a success we decided to bring the idea of quality first products to retail. We now service many large land owners as well as smaller hunting clubs or hunting leases.

Share the history of your company
About 10 years ago I was trying to find deer nutrition products to help me grow and attract more or bigger deer to our farm, but this proved to be a challenge. Growing up on a working cattle farm gave me a real world background in nutrition so I could mostly identify the good from bad and found very little good. I decided to work to fix this. When creating products we look at quality first not just how much profit can be made. Yes we all need to make a living but we truly believe that by doing the right thing the reward will be far greater than producing products that are only made draw a profit.

How are you involved with your customers and community?
Not only do we have years experience dealing with land management and wildlife management but being in the outdoors industry we learn a lot about what folks are doing to help their land or wildlife. We are able to pass this knowledge along to our customers and help get them on tract to a more successful enjoyable program. We also donate to many, many handicap hunts and wounded veterans hunts.

Tell us about your employees
All of our guys really love what they do. Dealing with hunters and land management guys everyday can be a lot of fun. We also have hundreds of retail stores we deal with which is also fun since most have such great success with our products.

What makes you excited to work here?
Hunting is a passion for me so working in the outdoor industry makes going to work fun.

What do you like about your community and location?
4S is located in Reynolds Ga (Taylor County) and as far I’m concerned will never leave this county. Iv lived here all my life and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. You would not believe how many people I meet that came here to visit and ended up living here or having a second home here. From a business standpoint we have a great location. Being 100 miles south of Atlanta and a few hours from Florida we have tons of people the own land or hunt in our area so it put us in a perfect geographical location.

How do you embody Authentic Georgia?
We are Georgia through and through. Have never lived anywhere else and don’t plan to change that. Most of our business is done in Ga although we have dealers all over the country. We are also a Georgia Grown member and try to help with any Ga programs we can.

What makes Georgia so special and unique?

Georgia is my home place. I could never imagine living anywhere else. Me and my family or me and my work have had me traveling to a lot of neat places but with all Iv seen we still most of time take vacation in the Blue Ridge mountains of Ga or on the coast in St. Simons or Jekyll Island.

366 South Winston Street
Reynolds, GA 31076

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